Shipping & Returns

Shipping -

Phone Cases -

For domestic orders, we produce our phone cases in the US and have production partners in Europe β€Žand Australia. We are strategically spread worldwide to help you get your order faster!β€Ž

Average shipping time by region:β€Ž
USA: 3-5 business days.
Europe: 2-5 business days.
Australia: 3-6 business daysβ€Ž.
Rest of the world: 5-18 business daysβ€Ž.


AirPods Cases, Laptop Sleeves, and Wireless Chargers -

We produce these items in the US.
Average shipping time by region:β€Ž
USA: 3-5 business daysβ€Ž.
Rest of the world: 7-18 business days.

Processing Times -

Due to the nature of our products which we customize to your preferences, all orders are made to β€Žorder especially for you!β€Ž
We are extremely fast in processing custom-made orders. Here’s an estimate of our processing times β€Žbreakdown by product category:β€Ž

Phone Cases: 1-3 business daysβ€Ž.
AirPods Cases: 1-3 business daysβ€Ž.
Laptop Sleeves: 2-4 business daysβ€Ž.
Wireless Chargers: 2-4 business daysβ€Ž.

Basically, 85% of the orders are processed in less than 2 business days.β€Ž.


Shipping Costs -

We charge a $5 flat rate for domestic (USA orders) and a $7 for international orders.

We also offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $50!


Returns & Exchanges -

We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service!
Therefore, we will be responsible and accept your return and refund your payment, or we will send β€Žyou a free replacement, 30 days from the delivery date in the following scenarios:
β€Ž- You have received a damaged product, whether it was damaged during transportation or left our β€Žfacility damaged. We are responsible for the goods until they get delivered!β€Ž
β€Ž- You have received a different item than you ordered, including a mistake in the design/color, β€Žcustomization, phone model, or anything different from what you ordered.β€Ž

As our products are personalized to your preference, we cannot accept returns of items where the β€Žcustomer made a mistake, including a phone model, misspelling, color/design, or anything different β€Žfrom the order recorded in our system.β€Ž

There is an issue with the received order; what should I do?

If there is an issue with the order received, don't hesitate to contact us via ourΒ contact form.
Please write us a short message explaining the issue; we will get back to you asap and may request you to share some images showing the problem.
When we have all the info, we’ll process your return or exchange within a few hours!β€Ž

Free Shipping.

We offer free domestic and International shipping on all orders over $50!

Payment Methods.

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal Payments.

Returns & Refunds.

We accept returns within 30 days of delivery; please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for detailed info.