LGBTQ Pride Flag Rainbow Custom Name iPhone Case

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LGBTQ Pride Flag Rainbow Custom Name iPhone Case

$29.99 USD

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Show your support for diversity, gay rights & marriage equality with our vibrant rounded pride rainbow iPhone case, personalized with your name or message in a beautiful two-tone effect!
Select your iPhone model, protection level, and print finish and make a real impact.


Our Slim case is super thin!
This model is designed to keep the original look of your phone with an open top and bottom, precise β€Žcutouts, and modest protection around the screen and back camera, along with wireless charging β€Žcompatibility.
Suitable for those who like their case super thin and only need minor protection from scratches and β€Žsmall bumps.β€Ž

Our Tough case provides exceptional dual-layer protection against bumps and drops without feeling bulky.
This model is designed with an inner shock-absorbing layer and hard outer shell, protected power and β€Žvolume buttons, precise port openings, a 3mm raised bezel protection around the screen and the back β€Žcamera, along with wireless charging compatibility.
A winning combination between protection and style!

Tough + Magsafe
Our Tough MagSafe compatible case has all the advantages of the regular Tough case plus the addition of magnets embedded in the inner layer.
This set of magnets turns it fully functional with all MagSafe accessories, such as wireless chargers, power banks, car mounts, ring holders, and more.


Matte print finish
A matte print finish gives duller, more subtle colors, and the grip is a tad more slippery.
Suitable for those who like an understated look and feel.β€Ž

Glossy print finish
A glossy print finish gives a richer, more vibrant pop of color and sticks better to the hand.
Suitable for those who like a vivid, attention-grabbing look and feel.β€Ž

Below you can see the matteΒ & glossy differenceΒ  πŸ‘‡

Glossy or Matte Comparison | Artisticases

Customer Reviews

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S J Parillo
Beautiful Case, Iffy Magnet

The case is beautiful (I got the traveler upgrade), and it does a great job at protestion. However, the MagSafe connection leaves something to be desired. My PopSockets keep falling off, and my MagSafe charging stand doesn't charge either. It is a very loose connection, most likely because its location on the case forces the MagSafe accessory towards the camera cutout lip, which slightly pushes up on the MagSafe connection, weakening it until it falls off (very easily).